The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) plans a new tariff system to facilitate the handling and transit of cargo returning to Nigeria. This was announced by Mohammed Belo Koko, Managing Director of the Authority in Lagos, during a visit by Transport Minister Mouaz Sambo to the Lekki port project.

Bello-Koko said the NPA is ready to accept two of his ASG tugs and two pilot boats for use at the port, with his 80-ton bollards pulling his rice field.

Bello-Koko added that ministerial approval would be required for tariffs upon completion, stressing that having the port operational by the end of 2022 would allow Nigeria to reap the full benefits of the AfCFTA.

He explained that the discussion is already taking place on transit tariffs and transshipment shipments with them.

Contact the Honorary Minister of Transport to obtain the necessary permits to facilitate the transportation and transshipment of cargo to Nigeria. This happened early on in Tin Can and Apapa because before that there were multiple checkpoints on the highway.